An AMA Co-operative (Coop) is an organisation owned by its members. Members will own their coop and its enterprise. Shares in an AMA coop can only be owned by its members.

An entitlement of AMA coop membership includes access to coop land for camping, driving, riding and associated activities, as well as admission to selected events at member prices.

Additionally, if an AMA distributing coop is successful and makes a sufficient trading surplus, members may receive a dividend on their share capital, subject to the Board declaring any dividends. 

Each AMA coop must operate according to the coops rules, which explains fully, the costs, benefits and responsibilities of membership.

Any person that is an AMA Cooperates Member may apply to purchase shares in the relevant AMA Coop by completing the online application form. 

To qualify for membership to an AMA Coop, an applicant must maintain active membership of the Coop and agree to be bound by the rules.

The annual subscription to an AMA Coop usually starts from $250 and is determined by the board from time to time. This fee pays for the property rates, utilities, equipment maintenance, site manager, etc.

There is a once off $50.00 entrance fee, which is payable to become a member of an AMA Coop. This fee pays for the shareholders access system to the property, ie. electric gate, FOB, internet system, etc.

AMA Coops are democratically run, member focused organisations. Each member has one vote in how the Coop is managed, and in making the big decisions for the Coop.

The day to day management of the Coop is covered by the Board of Directors. The majority of the Directors of an AMA Coop must also be members, so their interests will be the same as the interests of all members.

Members vote at the Annual General Meeting and at any other general meeting of the Coop called to make important decisions such as electing Directors or changing the Rules.

To establish and maintain active membership of an AMA Coop a member must either subscribe to the AMA Coops newsletter or electronic copy of communication and attend at least one General Meeting, member or community event per calendar year or purchase a good or service supplied by the Coop during a calendar year.

You can lose your membership if you don’t support the Coop under the requirements for active membership in the rules. Coops only work by serving the needs or wants of their members who, in turn, satisfy those needs or wants by acquiring them from the Coop.

If you do not pay the annual subscription to establish and maintain active membership of the Coop, your membership will be considered inactive and the Board of the Coop will be required under the law, to cancel your membership.

You can not apply for membership unless you first Create a User Account and verify you are the owner of the email. Once verified you can Login to User Account, buy a Coop membership and only then can you purchase a share in the Coop for which you are a member.