The majority if not all of AMA co-operatives (coops) are distributing, which means they have share capital and members must hold at least the minimum shareholding specified in the rules.

A distributing co-operative may distribute to members a part of the surplus generated in a year by way of:

  • a rebate, or
  • the issue of bonus shares to members, or
  • the issue of a limited dividend.

The Co-operatives National Law requires each distributing coop to produce a disclosure statement, which must contain the information necessary to ensure prospective members understand the extent of their financial involvement and liability.

Investor Shares are issued to members with the primary purpose of funding the acquisition of land and establishing facilities in suitable localities throughout Australia to support the primary activities of each of the AMA Coops.

By law, no single member can own more than 20% of the share capital in any AMA distributing coop.

Subject to the consent of the board, shares can be transferred to other members or repurchased by the co-operative.