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AMA ORV Park Coop No 11, The Springs 4x4 Park Featured

21153 New England Highway The Glen, 4370, QLD
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The Springs Camping and Adventure Park is situated just South of Warwick on the New England Highway in the Granite Belt region of South East Queensland. The Park is simple to find and just a short journey from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

About the Springs 4X4 Park

Whether you are a four wheel driving (4WD), Side-by-Side Vehicle (SSV) buggy enthusiast, The Springs offers you the perfect combination of beautiful scenery, a variety of skills and machine capability challenges, and a beautiful bush campground setting for those fun escapes from everyday life.

The Springs Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Park is a 700-acre property situated just south of Warwick on the New England Highway, 189.3km from the Brisbane CBD in the Granite Belt region of South East Queensland. The Granite Belt is a premium food and wine destination surrounded by stunning national parks and prehistoric granite formations. This is all on your own getaway doorstep.

Delivering a choice of beautiful, shaded camping areas, the main campsite is found 1.4kms into the property and is accessible by 2WD’s and 4WD’s. “Main Camp” as it is known is complete with full-service amenities including flushing toilets.

The Springs offers differing standards of tracks for 4X4 enthusiasts – ranging from simple touring to extreme hill climbs and rock crawling. Each circuit is yours to enjoy whenever you want to challenge your skills and your vehicle.

If you do not want to drive all day, there are several natural attractions and spectacular views where you can stop, take a walk, have a picnic lunch, or simply just kick back and admire the views.


The Springs co-operative has been established to provide private ownership of an existing, council-approved, public 4WD park that has been opened to the public for some 20 years.

Site Occupation

There is no provision for permanent occupation by any co-op shareholder unless, as elected via democratic voting process, the co-op members agree for such a member (and their immediate family if applicable) to assume the position of onsite caretaker in a full-time role. This position would provide the caretaker (as a minimum) free accommodation and utilities in return for their amenities and general grounds maintenance support. Remuneration is to be determined by the Co-operative Directorship and funded by the co-operative itself.

Co-operative-Approved Scope of Activities

The Springs venue is approved ONLY for the following onsite activities;

  • 4WD use including trail driving, hill climbing, rock crawling, mud bog challenges, winching, and driver education (training)
  • Side-by-Side (SXS) vehicles for the above purposes
  • Camping
  • Fundraising events (AMA Charity being the primary beneficiary)
  • Festivals (subject to Regional Council permit approvals)
  • Off-road motorbikes and quad bikes are not approved for use at The Springs venue*. This being primarily due to the AMA safety mandate that the use of these machines in conjunction with 4WD’s represents serious risk to the safety of riders and is therefore a breach of insurance conditions. This is not negotiable. Other property options catering for these machines can be found via the Co-op website.

* Future acquisition of adjoining properties may provide the addition of a bike and quad riding-only precinct. This is not guaranteed.

Public access

Shareholders may vote to retain private property use (shareholders only) by way of democratic process. It is to be noted that this is the “default” intended use until voting determines otherwise. All costs related to a transition to the inclusion of public visitors is the responsibility of the AMA ORV Park Coop No 11 Ltd.

The Springs has an existing council approval for public camping (50 sites) and 4WD activities. Once ownership transitions to “The Springs Co-operative” non-shareholder members of the public (must have current AMA membership) may be permitted to use the venue as before, providing that the co-op approves such use by majority vote. A formal system of bookings and payment management would be required to facilitate public access and a minimum level of onsite supervision including the services of a certified Advanced First Aid person at all times that AMA members are onsite.

Existing Amenities

“Main Camp” contains the only shower/toilet facilities at the venue. Both “Valley” and “Bushmans’ ” camping precincts contain a single, non-flushing portable toilet only.

Entitlement Scope

An approved shareholder is either an individual or a person in a spousal relationship including their children within their immediate household.

In order to prevent the discrimination of financial shareholders resultant from non-shareholder “free access” to The Springs, all shareholders shall be required to prove that those who accompany them onsite are entitled to do so in accordance with the rules of the Co-operative Constitution. A failure to comply with the constitution may result in the evocation of the share for the person in question and expulsion from the co-operative. For all terms and conditions related to shareholders please consult the Co-operatives’ Constitution.

Disclosure Statement

Before applying for membership to the AMA ORV Park Coop No 11 Ltd you should: 

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